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I also watched the latest stream by Ralf Sester. He had a lot to say about what to do right now. I got completely overwhelmed, of course. I also have to be a little careful because he is in a part of Germany that is ahead of us in the season. There is this really cool phenological clock available at the [DWD](https://www.dwd.de/DE/leistungen/phaeno_uhr/phaenouhr.html). In the region average they seem to be about 3 weeks ahead of us but the regions are probably a bit big for that to be accurate.
Too tired now, will finish this tomorrow. :P
**Edit from the future!**
1. Lift your hives to find the lightest and check if there is enough food. Feed them if necessary and continue with the next lightest until there is enough food.
1. If you open up a hive move the food closer to the bee ball by switching frames.
1. If they're not flying yet that's fine you want them to start late rather than early so they don't get hit too hard when the cold returns.
1. If they are flying they should be pooping everywhere. Check that they poop little dots and not wyrms or streaks of dots, that could be a sign of nosema.
1. If they are flying a lot and in irregular patterns it could be a sign of food theft.
1. Knock on the hive. A short burst of activity is to be expected. If it continues they might have lost the queen. Check for it and combine with another hive if the queen is missing.
## 2022-03-01
Went shopping for my new Dadant hives. Spent about 350 bucks on frames and wax foundations and a few other knickknacks.
![Today's Haul](images/20220301_01_shopping.jpg){ width=250px }
I probably would have taken an entire hive but, I wanted to build them myself and - more importantly - the car was full. Now I need some descriptions of what a Dadant hive is supposed to look like and wide boards for the deep supers.