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@ -34,3 +34,34 @@ Went shopping for my new Dadant hives. Spent about 350 bucks on frames and wax f
![Today's Haul](images/20220301_01_shopping.jpg){ width=250px }
I probably would have taken an entire hive but, I wanted to build them myself and - more importantly - the car was full. Now I need some descriptions of what a Dadant hive is supposed to look like and wide boards for the deep supers.
## 2022-03-02
So, I cleaned out the entrances today. It was unnecessary almost everywhere but one hive was super clogged. So I guess it's good that I did it. I also added another 12.5kg of fondant spread over my 8 hives. And I found more mould on some of the covers.
Anyway, here are some pictures:
![Hive 1 got 2.5kg](images/20220302_Hive01.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 2 got 2.5kg although they still had a bit left.](images/20220302_Hive02.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 3 still had a good amount so I left them alone.](images/20220302_Hive03.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 3 had the clogged exit and a lot of dead bees.](images/20220302_Hive03_Dead.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 4 got 2.5kg.](images/20220302_Hive04.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 4 also had mould on the cover. I was considering adding more newspaper but didn't have any.](images/20220302_Hive04_Mould.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 5 got 1.25kg.](images/20220302_Hive05.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 5 was also growing mould.](images/20220302_Hive05_Mould.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 6 got 1.25kg.](images/20220302_Hive06.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 6 was also growing mould.](images/20220302_Hive06_Mould.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 7 got 1.25kg. It also had some mould but the pictures are so boring.](images/20220302_Hive07.jpg){ width=250px }
![Hive 8 got 1.25kg.](images/20220302_Hive08.jpg){ width=250px }
I also cut out some of the entrances. They were really tiny. I think we just quickly carved them with a box cutter.

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from pathlib import Path
import subprocess
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pathfn = Path(filename)
outpathfn = Path("images/")/pathfn.name
subprocess.run(["convert", f"{pathfn}", "-resize", "2000x2000", f"{outpathfn}"])

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# ToDos
1. [ ] Resize feeding "supers"!
1. [ ] Do I still need to feed now (end of February)?
1. [x] Do I still need to feed now (end of February)? Yes. Depending on the weather they might still need a few kilograms so keep checking and feeding!
1. [ ] What to do about moldy cover?
1. [ ] Build a Mini-Plus super
1. [ ] Build 2 Dadant hives
1. [ ] Build a Zadant brood super