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title: Bee Journal
## 2022-02-27
It was about 6 degrees outside today, but I wanted to check on the bees anyway. Some of the hives seem to be low on food. At least lifting the frames left and right of where the bees are sitting indicated that they're empty. I'll call somebody with more experience tomorrow to ask if I should feed them.
I also noticed that one of our covers is growing mold on the inside. No clue what that means or what to do about it, yet.
When we made the shallow "supers" for feeding with fondant we didn't really care about the wall thickness. Turns out it does matter when they're too thick, because you cannot pull the frames from the super below anymore without removing them.
One of the hives was actually open. I assume the cover got moved a couple of centimeters during one of the recent storms. Maybe I should secure them more since I don't have a tongue and groove or anything like that..

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title: ToDo
# ToDos
1. [ ] Resize feeding "supers"!
1. [ ] Do I still need to feed now (end of February)?
1. [ ] What to do about moldy cover?