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![Hive 8 got 1.25kg.](images/20220302_Hive08.jpg){ width=250px }
I also cut out some of the entrances. They were really tiny. I think we just quickly carved them with a box cutter.
Heiko sent me some instructions for making fondant-like stuff: [Link1]( [Link2](
## 2022-03-03
I was curious what the actual phenological season around here is. I have narrowed it down to "at least pre-spring (Vorfrühling)" by finding out if the hazel is blooming. I don't really know anything about plants but apparently the hazel develops little stubs in autumn and the bloom is when those stubs turn into hanging wyrms in early spring.
![Hazel shrubs](images/20220303_hazel_bloom.jpg){ width=250px }
![Male hazel catkins (apparently that's their name)](images/20220303_hazel_bloom_close.jpg){ width=250px }
I am looking for a reasonable way to track what is happeining with my bees. One of the colleagues here is using an Excel sheet. I am not loving it but at least it seems to give a good overview and it's really simple to get started.
![Excel hive table](images/20220303_hivetable.jpg){ width=250px }