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# Books
This is a catalog of all the books in my calibre library!
If you see a title here you would like to borrow, let me know! I'd be happy to share :)
## How To
If you're going to explore this dataset, I recommend using the awesome csvkit.
=> <>
It will allow you to do stuff like:
- see the headers: `csvcut -n books.csv`
- and the see just the columns you want: `csvcut -c 13,4 books.csv`
- look at some stats: `csvcut -c languages,size,formats books.csv | csvstat`
- find the largest pdfs in the collection: `csvcut -c title_sort,formats,size books.csv | csvgrep -c formats -m pdf | csvsort -c size -r | head`
- `csvjson books.csv | jq | whatever`
- You can also perform actual SQL queries on it, and convert the data between csv and sqlite database: <>
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## RSS feed
An RSS feed has been kindly provided by [the Rsszard of Syndication](
Generating the feed requires you to have Python 3.7 or later installed, as well
as the [xmltodict]( package:
`pip3 install xmltodict`.
To generate the feed, run `./ <books.csv >lefeed.xml`.