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!_TAG_EXTRA_DESCRIPTION anonymous /Include tags for non-named objects like lambda/
!_TAG_EXTRA_DESCRIPTION fileScope /Include tags of file scope/
!_TAG_EXTRA_DESCRIPTION pseudo /Include pseudo tags/
!_TAG_EXTRA_DESCRIPTION subparser /Include tags generated by subparsers/
!_TAG_FIELD_DESCRIPTION epoch /the last modified time of the input file (only for F\/file kind tag)/
!_TAG_FIELD_DESCRIPTION file /File-restricted scoping/
!_TAG_FIELD_DESCRIPTION input /input file/
!_TAG_FIELD_DESCRIPTION name /tag name/
!_TAG_FIELD_DESCRIPTION pattern /pattern/
!_TAG_FIELD_DESCRIPTION typeref /Type and name of a variable or typedef/
!_TAG_FILE_FORMAT 2 /extended format; --format=1 will not append ;" to lines/
!_TAG_FILE_SORTED 1 /0=unsorted, 1=sorted, 2=foldcase/
!_TAG_KIND_DESCRIPTION!game n,name /names/
!_TAG_OUTPUT_EXCMD mixed /number, pattern, mixed, or combineV2/
!_TAG_OUTPUT_FILESEP slash /slash or backslash/
!_TAG_OUTPUT_MODE u-ctags /u-ctags or e-ctags/
!_TAG_OUTPUT_VERSION 0.0 /current.age/
!_TAG_PARSER_VERSION!game 0.0 /current.age/
!_TAG_PATTERN_LENGTH_LIMIT 96 /0 for no limit/
!_TAG_PROC_CWD /Users/cb/cornquest/ //
!_TAG_PROGRAM_AUTHOR Universal Ctags Team //
!_TAG_PROGRAM_NAME Universal Ctags /Derived from Exuberant Ctags/
!_TAG_PROGRAM_URL /official site/
abscond db/game.rec /^name: abscond$/;" n
accept db/game.rec /^name: accept$/;" n
agree db/game.rec /^name: agree$/;" n
altar db/game.rec /^name: altar$/;" n
altarcorn db/game.rec /^name: altarcorn$/;" n
approach db/game.rec /^name: approach$/;" n
askgiant db/game.rec /^name: askgiant$/;" n
baby db/game.rec /^name: baby$/;" n
beast db/game.rec /^name: beast$/;" n
beginning db/game.rec /^name: beginning$/;" n
calm db/game.rec /^name: calm$/;" n
char db/game.rec /^name: char$/;" n
charm db/game.rec /^name: charm$/;" n
clouds db/game.rec /^name: clouds$/;" n
continue db/game.rec /^name: continue$/;" n
corndress db/game.rec /^name: corndress$/;" n
cornoveralls db/game.rec /^name: cornoveralls$/;" n
cornquest db/game.rec /^name: cornquest$/;" n
crowask db/game.rec /^name: crowask$/;" n
crowdemand db/game.rec /^name: crowdemand$/;" n
crumbs db/game.rec /^name: crumbs$/;" n
dark db/game.rec /^name: dark$/;" n
dash db/game.rec /^name: dash$/;" n
destroy db/game.rec /^name: destroy$/;" n
direct db/game.rec /^name: direct$/;" n
doze db/game.rec /^name: doze$/;" n
eavesdrop db/game.rec /^name: eavesdrop$/;" n
egg db/game.rec /^name: egg$/;" n
escape db/game.rec /^name: escape$/;" n
explore db/game.rec /^name: explore$/;" n
flute db/game.rec /^name: flute$/;" n
fwiends db/game.rec /^name: fwiends$/;" n
games db/game.rec /^name: games$/;" n
gazing db/game.rec /^name: gazing$/;" n
giant db/game.rec /^name: giant$/;" n
grab db/game.rec /^name: grab$/;" n
greedy db/game.rec /^name: greedy$/;" n
hack db/game.rec /^name: hack$/;" n
hide db/game.rec /^name: hide$/;" n
hideandseek db/game.rec /^name: hideandseek$/;" n
hut db/game.rec /^name: hut$/;" n
indirect db/game.rec /^name: indirect$/;" n
lake db/game.rec /^name: lake$/;" n
lavamonster db/game.rec /^name: lavamonster$/;" n
liar db/game.rec /^name: liar$/;" n
noegg db/game.rec /^name: noegg$/;" n
nogiant db/game.rec /^name: nogiant$/;" n
panic db/game.rec /^name: panic$/;" n
part db/game.rec /^name: part$/;" n
path db/game.rec /^name: path$/;" n
placate db/game.rec /^name: placate$/;" n
refuse db/game.rec /^name: refuse$/;" n
refusegiant db/game.rec /^name: refusegiant$/;" n
rejected db/game.rec /^name: rejected$/;" n
resist db/game.rec /^name: resist$/;" n
restart db/game.rec /^name: restart$/;" n
ride db/game.rec /^name: ride$/;" n
scram db/game.rec /^name: scram$/;" n
search db/game.rec /^name: search$/;" n
shears db/game.rec /^name: shears$/;" n
stay db/game.rec /^name: stay$/;" n
tag db/game.rec /^name: tag$/;" n
treeline db/game.rec /^name: treeline$/;" n
truth db/game.rec /^name: truth$/;" n
wait db/game.rec /^name: wait$/;" n
warren db/game.rec /^name: warren$/;" n
whelp db/game.rec /^name: whelp$/;" n
witchaggro db/game.rec /^name: witchaggro$/;" n
witchnice db/game.rec /^name: witchnice$/;" n