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### Forest
Lost: 2
This is a friendly wood.
- A [mosu] stands just off the path, partially obscured by trees.
- A young brown wolf seems surprised to see you.
- A lost [snail hound].
- A [__elf] forager is hunting for mushrooms.
- A trio of [sprites](#sprite) are racing through the woods.
- Some [bush brats](#bush-brat) are building a small tower out of twigs.
- A lone [faun] is passed out sitting against a tree trunk. A flask of dark [psycho mead](#psycho-bee) is held loosely in its hands.
- A group of trees, all of which have had their bark clawed and torn by what must be a large [tree cat].
- A [mossman] caring for a small sappling.
- Circle of Dreams __perm. A small clearing in the woods. Small cairns are piled around the edge of the clearing and in the center is a large stone circle with what appears to be a tall wild hedge growing around and between the stones.<br>If you have the *Fungalform* effect, and have completed the *Secret of the Forest Children* quest, read [Protocol K].