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## Trinkets and Atmosphere
d66 minor things you might find or encounter in the forest. These items should evoke the feeling of exploring a forest as a small child and finding useless treasure like a cool rock or a great stick. With that in mind, feel free to add your own items of small wonder.
11. a human skull
12. a beautiful feather
13. a perfectly shaped leaf
14. a cute bug
15. a long branch perfect for a walking stick
16. a red brick
21. a long line of ants marching acros your path
22. some words carved into a tree
23. a small glass vial
24. a perfectly round, smooth rock the size of your palm
25. the skull of a bird
26. a pile of animal droppings
31. large animal tracks crossing your path
32. recently disturbed dirt
33. a small dagger with a curved blade
34. a birds nest that has fallen to the forest floor
35. a large spiders web
36. a thin gold chain half buried in the dirt
41. a worn piece of paper with faded writing on it
42. a large frog
43. a small pond with leaves floating on it
44. a crow picking at a small carcas
45. a handful of stones stacked on top of each other
46. a fallen tree
51. a peaceful meadow
52. a truffle seeking hog
53. a crow racoon
54. a tree explodes right in front you!
55. two moose fighting each other
56. a long snake slithers out of the way into the underbrush
61. a termite mound as tall as you are
62. a giant snail
63. a flock of parrots squawking so loudly you would have to shout to be heard
64. quicksand!
65. a giant horned lizard sunbathing on a rock
66. a pleasant glade full of wildflowers