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### Protocol B
You strike up a conversation with sprite who has the nose, ears, and wings of a fruit bat. When you bring up the fauns, they scoff.
> You mean the *horns?* That drunken, lazy lot! They'd let this forest fall into ruin and would like that just fine! They think they own the place, but I'd like them to see how fast things would fall apart around here without us. The sprites are the one who hold this forest together!
> Also, they stole the bees from our beehives so they can make their precious mead! If you want the sprites and the fauns to get along, they can start by bringing the bees back to our beehives.
You gain the *Queen Bee* quest.
If you have the *Drinking horn* quest, read [Protocol H].
If you have the queen bee, read [Protocol M].