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### Protocol F
This time when the river tries to pull you under, you bob like a cork on the surface thanks to the buoyancy of your composition. You float downstream like driftwood, being turned around this way and that, circling a few times around an eddy. The water speeds up as it approaches a small fall. You tumble over the edge of a large boulder and fall through the air, crashing through the surface of the water below into a deep pool.
The stream sighs around you and whispers in your ear.
> I'm only ever passing through here, you know. I was born in the mountains. And now these banks contain me, constrain me, but that is only temporary, you see? I dream of the sea, and one day soon I will join it in boundless wonder.
You rest at the bottom of the pool for a moment before swimming up toward the surface and then to the bank.
When you pull yourself out of the water, you notice that your skin has turned a pale blue. There is webbing between your fingers, and patches of translucent, shimmery scales cover your skin.
You have the *__fishtype* effect.