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### Coniferous Forest
Lost: 3
It's quiet here. Dried pine needles crunch softly underfoot and absorb most sound. It smells sticky, sappy, and piney.
- A bunch of woodpeckers decide you must be full of delicious bugs.
- A large murder of crows stands still in a circle around one of their own. They listen attentively, waiting to pass judgement, as the lone crow in the middle caws incessantly, hopping nervously from one foot to the other.
- A crop of [bush brats](#bush-brat) jump out of the brush and ambush you!
- A [mosu] rubbing its horns on the trunk of a tree.
- Giant ants carrying food back to their mound. The food looks like eviscerated [bush brats](#bush-brat).
- An enormous spider web blocks the path ahead. Which means there is probably an enormous spider nearby..
- Goats. They dance and frolic and jump around, headbutting each other. If you scare them, they faint.
- A giant sloth hanging sleepily from a branch overhead.
- __elf Village __perm. You wouldn't even know this village was here until you stumbled into it: they make next to no impact on the forest around them. The __elf live simply in natural shelters and lean-tos. Several can be seen fletching arrows, drying fruit, and otherwise living their peaceful __elf lives. A small but steady stream of bush brats enter the village and are lead to into a sealed cave by one of the __elf. None of them come out.<br>If you investigate the sealed cave, read [Protocol A].
- Hut __perm. __witch has lived here deep in the heart of the wood for as long as anyone can remember. She claims that when she was a girl, her hut stood at what then was the edge of the forest.<br>When you deliver the blankets to __witch, read [Protocol D].