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### Fae Forest
Lost: 4
The very air seems to shimmer and sparkle in this wood. The colors seem a little brighter. Things here seem a little more surreal and a little more magical.
- You come across a large [honeybear].
- The sun reflects brilliantly off the mirror-like grass. It dazzles and blinds you, and shatters into small silver shards when you step on it, tinkling like broken glass under foot.
- A giant toad that belches bubbles
- Giant moonflowers tower over head looking down at you. They always seem to be facing you, wherever you go.
- In the center of a small clearing there is a small black cat with large yellow eyes sitting in a small metal bird cage. Scattered around the cage are the remains of a dozen [sprites](#sprite) who look as though they died gruesomely during battle. The cat peers up at you through the bars of its cage and mewls pathetically.
- A band of war [sprites](#sprite) try to forcibly remove you from the forest.
- Sprite village __perm. Families and clans of sprites live together in hollowed out portions of trees. Read [Protocol B]
- Faerie ring __perm. A circle of sturdy toadstools some twelve feet in diameter.<br>If you have the *Corpseform* effect, read [Protocol I].