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1007 B

### Tree
Lost: 1
The thick twisting branches of __tree tower above the forest canopy, giving this part of the wood the appearance of a large dome. The ground is bare beneath it, as sunlight doesn't pass through its massive sprawling branches.
It towers over the rest of the forest, hundreds of feet tall, and the stories say it was the very first tree to grow here in this forest, and is the only tree still alive from the first generation of trees back when the earth was still young.
Its trunk is almost a hundred feet wide near the base, but is significantly wider where it actually touches the ground because of its exposed roots which spread and fan out like fingers, digging into the earth and holding it tight. The gaps between some of the roots are as big as the door of a house, and it is possible to walk straight into those gaps and climb down into the earth beneath the tree.
- If you have the *Woodland Cloak*, read [Protocol E].
- If you have the *Dreamform* effect, read [Protocol O].