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### Wild Forest
Lost: 4
The part of the forest where the faun live is even more untamed and unruly than the rest of the forest.
- A crop of [bush brats](#bush-brat) sitting around making pebble golems
- A group of cavorting [fauns](#faun) try to lure you into their revelry
- A giant boar digging around in the dirt for fresh grubs.
- Screeching monkeys swing down and try to steal your things.
- A lost [sprite] wants to get back to the fae wood.
- Grasping vines reach down from the branches to grab you
- A crocodile and a couple of capybara sitting by a watering hole
- Quicksand!
- Faun village. __perm. An orgy of revelry and merry making. Fauns drink wine from goblets and mead from horns, and run around screaming, laughing, and falling over each other. Read [Protocol C].
- A wide, swift forest stream. __perm. When you step far enough into it, the current sweeps your feet out from under you and pulls you under and drags you around the bottom for a while before finally spitting you back out up on the sandy bank. If you have the *Barkskin* effect, read [Protocol F].