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2022-07-24 14:15:32 +00:00
the kids in the basement are gonna play some rpg in on the listserv
2022-07-26 14:12:48 +00:00
## about
this is an iteration on my usual pandoc static site generator
## order
instead of relying on literally naming files `` and `` so they are concatenated in the correct order, this repo introduces `basement.order`
in the file, you can `ls ./**/**` to list all files, and then order them in the way that is most pleasing to you
## documents
documents are markdown with yaml frontmatter. they are compiled into:
- html with spoilers for game ref
- 'safemode' html sans spoilers for players
- rss feed for syndicated documents
## metadata
every markdown document includes yaml frontmatter metadata
for now, treat every field as required
- title (string): title of the document. mostly for rss item id
- created (date): date of creation
- updated (date): date of most recent update. mostly of rss
- spoilers (bool): spoilers are not included in 'safemode' (default) export. they are included in 'gm' view.
- syndicated (bool): should this document be included in the rss feed?
title: notes
created: 2022-07-24
updated: 2022-07-25
spoilers: yes
syndicated: no
- [ ] change all this from lua to pandoc? see `garden` for pandoc template example
- [ ] metadata (titles, dates) getting truncated
- [ ] write all content to spoilers.html
- [ ] write `spoilers: no` to safemode. i.e. basementquest.html, or index.html
- [ ] write `syndicated: yes` to rss (include `updated` in meta data?)