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# Smolternet

Hi, this is the unreleased, work-in-progress version of Smolternet RPG (name might change). It is something that i'm playing around with and which I might eventually release as a "Sphere" (setting + backgrounds + spells and skills + beasts) for my favorite game, Trokia!

This started out as a brief joke on We were all dreaming up characters for an RSS themed RPG, which is silly as it sounds, while m455 was making up rules for a universal 1d6 mechanic. Which is also as silly as it sounds.

## Updates

Subscribe to the [updates feed](

## Done

I look forward to moving something to the "Done" section

## In Progress

- [ ] 2d6 backgrounds complete with description, spells and skills, specials.
- [ ] beastiary complete with stats, mien, description, specials
- [ ] original spells descriptions
- [ ] original stats descriptions

## Todo

- [ ] a small point-crawl adventure
- [ ] artwork: original or found open-source artwork
- [ ] PDF editions: pages (for viewing) and spread (for printing)

## Resources

Troika: This is my favorite game even though I've only played it once, and only in a play-by-post game at that and not at a table in person or virtually, with friends or with strangers. Which is fine. ppb is a perfectly valid, if somewhat unconventional, way to play. It is my favorite game because the rules are light and simple. Character creation is a snap. You can literally be playing a game within 60 seconds. As the GM, there are no volumes of rules to memorize: just a single 2d6 roll under/over mechanic. And, perhaps most importantly, the creative community that has sprung up around the game is amazing. There have been a ton of jams on where people create zany backgrounds and settings. Lots of zine makers flock to the game. And it's all actively encouraged by the publishers of the game.

- [](
- [System Reference Document](
- [/r/troika](
- [discord](

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# Smol Internet RPG

The Smol Internet is a bastion and hold out against the corporate capitalist hellscape that is the state of the modern internet. Indeed, there are pockets of the interenet out there where people are not commodities. Where there are thriving communities of actual humans creating actual things of beauty and building relationships with nothing but feelings and ones and zeros. From these sanctuaries, gardens, footholds, the Smol Internet rejects the slavering, jibbering beast that is big internet.

The Feed Gang is an loosely federated group of individuals responsible for creating, updating, and distributing resources and communications. You are conjurers and couriers. Kind of a mixture of a mailman, a town crier, and a newspaper reporter. You fight crime!

## Backgrounds

### 11. Rsszard

You are a really simple syndication... zard. You are emphatically decentralized. Reports of your death have been grossly exaggerated. You are in constant danger of being supplanted by competing standards of Rsszardry


- 3 Plugins
- 3 Competing standards


- 3 Syndicate


### 12. Atom

I don't know, you're not RSS? A gifted sorcerer in your own right. You have largely surpassed the Rsszard

### 13. Jason

New kid on the block. Friendly, familiar, easy, but somehow unsupported. Armed with curly brackets and double quotes, you lack the ability to document yourself.

Despite being nearly universally renowned as a means of serialization, data transport and storage, and configuration, you have for whatever reason somehow not managed to really make a name for yourself as a feed member yet.


- 3 Lute
- 3 Syntax

Special: You're welcomed wherever you go.

### 14. e-mail

You're the original decentralized, federated protocol. You've been around the block more than a few times. They really broke the mold when they made you.


- 1 Privacy


- 3 Spam

Special: You are fully capable of creating a snoop-proof, end-to-end "cone of silence" between two parties, regardless of distance, so the can communicate privately, as long as both parties meet ahead of time and physically exchange keys, or any other kind of appropriately small trinket that can be used to identify the sender.

### 15. ActivityPub

You're a real people person. A *connector*. You deliver content and notifications between people. People often confuse you for a micro-blogging platform. But that's not what you are. You're like the glue between those kind of platforms.


- 4 Toot


- 2 Boost


### 16. Twtxt

I don't think you're even really a protocol. You're a plain text file on a server somewhere, free from constraint. Followers? Pah.

### 21. Gopher

A tireless cataloger, you create directories and link documents. You're the Web That Could Have Been and most people have forgotten about you. The younger kids have never even heard of you. But you never went away. You're still here, cataloging away. You can get away with including text content in your carefully curated directories, but technically that's a hack.


- 3 Digging
- 3 Heirarchies
- 2 Hacks

Special: you can see whitespace and have an aversion bordering on phobia to spaces. Tabs r best.

### 22. Gemini

Look at you, scrappy young cosmonaut!


- 3 Twins
- 2 Privacy

Special: You can't handle in-line syntax. When you have content or a thought to deliver, you have to deliver the whole thing before allowing any follow-up.

### 23. Tilde

A small public unix server, a calm harbor in a storm. Home to artists, hackers, and learners. Part of the larger tildeverse.


- 3 Inclusion
- 3 Community
- 3 Creativity

### 24. IRC

The one true chat protocol.

### 25. Git

You are a historian, the chronicleer and herald.


- 3 Rebase

Special: you can effortlessly and correctly recall any knowledge recorded in your logs

### 26. RFC

You really put yourself out there. What even are you? Don't know, doesn't matter: you are in draft form and you want comments.


- 3 Inquisitive
- 3 Curious

## Spells

### Spam (2)

spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

### Rebase (8)

You can alter the very fabric of time. Rewind the last five events that happened, swap the order of two of them, and then replay the events forward.

## Beasts

### Nomic

### A Bot Farm

### Blockchain

### Troll

### Anonymous Hubris

### Face Collector

(It's facebook)

### Dire Bluebird

(It's twitter)

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<rss version="2.0">
<title>Smolternet RPG</title>
<description>Updates from Smolternet RPG</description>
<atom:link rel="self" type="application/rss+xml" href=""/>
<title>00001: Announcing Smolternet RPG</title>
<pubDate>Wed, 21 Apr 2021 20:13:46 +0000</pubDate>
<guid isPermaLink="false">Wed, 21 Apr 2021 20:13:46 +0000</guid>
<p>Ever wanted to play a cute sci-fi/fantasy roleplaying game as RSS? Or as e-mail? Ever wanted to fight The FaceBook and Twitter and defeat social media once and for all? Ever wanted to take an actual stand against private ownership of the internet? Like, as in swing a sword at it and cast fireball at it?</p>
<p>Then have I got the game for you! In Smolternet, you play an aspect of the “smol internet” and go on adventures! Or just hang out on a small server with your friends and be cute and do banter and make cool shit. It’s up to you!</p>
<p>Smolternet is being developed as a module for Troika! The Other world’s favourite fantasy role-playing game!</p>