Smolternet is small a role playing game
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  18. <p>Ever wanted to play a cute sci-fi/fantasy roleplaying game as RSS? Or as e-mail? Ever wanted to fight The FaceBook and Twitter and defeat social media once and for all? Ever wanted to take an actual stand against private ownership of the internet? Like, as in swing a sword at it and cast fireball at it?</p>
  19. <p>Then have I got the game for you! In Smolternet, you play an aspect of the “smol internet” and go on adventures! Or just hang out on a small server with your friends and be cute and do banter and make cool shit. It’s up to you!</p>
  20. <p>Smolternet is being developed as a module for Troika! The Other world’s favourite fantasy role-playing game!</p>
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