Smolternet is small a role playing game
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Hi, this is the unreleased, work-in-progress version of Smolternet RPG (name might change). It is something that i’m playing around with and which I might eventually release as a “Sphere” (setting + backgrounds + spells and skills + beasts) for my favorite game, Trokia!

This started out as a brief joke on We were all dreaming up characters for an RSS themed RPG, which is silly as it sounds, while m455 was making up rules for a universal 1d6 mechanic. Which is also as silly as it sounds.


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I look forward to moving something to the “Done” section

In Progress



Troika: This is my favorite game even though I’ve only played it once, and only in a play-by-post game at that and not at a table in person or virtually, with friends or with strangers. Which is fine. ppb is a perfectly valid, if somewhat unconventional, way to play. It is my favorite game because the rules are light and simple. Character creation is a snap. You can literally be playing a game within 60 seconds. As the GM, there are no volumes of rules to memorize: just a single 2d6 roll under/over mechanic. And, perhaps most importantly, the creative community that has sprung up around the game is amazing. There have been a ton of jams on where people create zany backgrounds and settings. Lots of zine makers flock to the game. And it’s all actively encouraged by the publishers of the game.