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@ -19,7 +19,9 @@ If you do not have the skills to contribute to the coding end, I still welcome
your feedback about your experience using ttbp; please feel free to contact me
with anything from vague appreciation to gripes about the interface! I'm
interested in understanding how you feel about this program, and any information
you give me will help me build a smoother tool for everyone!
you give me will help me build a smoother tool for everyone! The ["feedback
tag is a great place to start.
## Contacting Me

@ -23,6 +23,15 @@ TO-DO:
ver 0.10.2
-fixing a bunch of things that broke in settings update
-announcing centralfeels
-general code cleanup pass
ver 0.10.1
-gopher support (with help from ~vilmibm)
-fixed settings menu
ver 0.9.3 (by ~vilmibm)
-easier to contribute to

@ -1,17 +0,0 @@
handling global feels out of order:
-check to see if entry filename date and mtime date matches
-if not, process as if it was last modified on the date indicated by filename
stuff to sort out:
-figure out how to deal with entries scrolling too far (either learn more
curses handling, or find someone who knows how to do curses stuff)
-there's like some seriously weird out of order updating for publishing that
breaks things too much
-reset button, instead of having to manually delete things
-wall lock clearing