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(near future features)
-cw feature
-account deletion/export
(possible/far future features)
-stylesheet selector
-and make a couple more custom stylesheets
-replying to entries??
-direct mail to author
-make a nicer entry view wrapper
-maybe with a box? and a nicer feed view?
-command line flags
-shortcut to most recent feels, writing entry, seeing own entry
-multiple posts per day
ver 0.11.0
-added rainbow menus
-added pub/nopub selector
-fixed pagination for 2 page lists
-fixing a bunch of things that broke in settings update
-announcing centralfeels
-general code cleanup pass
ver 0.10.1
-gopher support (with help from ~vilmibm)
-fixed settings menu
ver 0.9.3 (by ~vilmibm)
-easier to contribute to
ver 0.9.2
-paginated scrolling
ver 0.9.1
-graffiti wall!!!
ver 0.9.0
-documentation browser
-reading neighbor feels lists
-overall code scrubbing and documentation
ver 0.8.7
-fixing publish/nopub option setting from patcher
ver 0.8.6; mostly structural changes
-a freaking patch utility?! yes, there's a patch utility now
-settings now has an option to publish or not publish your blog to
-changing your publish directory actually moves files correctly
-html files are now stored at .ttbp/www, and the public_html path just
symlinks there
-style.css now lives in .ttbp/config, and is symlinked from www
ver 0.8.5
-publish feels directory to ~endorphant/ttbp/index.html
-(beta only) colorized menus
ver 0.8.0
-markdown parsing for entries
ver 0.7.5
-backend stuff; feedback uses sendmail, some code cleanup
ver 0.7
-fixed program crashing? maybe?
-added credits
-added filename validator
ver 0.6.5
-changed neighbor view to show last update time instead of feels count
ver 0.6
-improving exit handling
-sort neighbor view by most recently updated
-capture input from recording feels screen
ver 0.5
-added reading own entries
-added reading 10 most recent global entries
ver 0.4
-added list of all users with a ttbp
ver 0.3
-user setup, change settings
ver 0.2
-feedback form, post entry
ver 0.1
-acknowledges user