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@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ pass_config = click.make_pass_decorator(Config, ensure=True)
def main(config, site_name, publish_path, repo_path):
"""This tool helps manage a wiki that exists as a git repository on a
social server."""
# TODO click does not appear to call expanduser on things. it'd be nice to
# opt into that with the Path type. Should click be patched? Or should we
# use a custom Path type?
@ -70,10 +72,7 @@ def main(config, site_name, publish_path, repo_path):
def init(config, local_repo_path, preview_path):
This command, `wiki init`, does the following:
- creates PREVIEW_PATH
- calls the preview command
Initializes a local copy of the shared wiki.
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(local_repo_path)):
raise ClickException(
@ -113,6 +112,7 @@ def init(config, local_repo_path, preview_path):
def preview(config, preview_path, local_repo_path):
"""Compiles all the files in the local wiki repository."""
@ -124,6 +124,8 @@ def preview(config, preview_path, local_repo_path):
help='Path to local clone of wiki repository.', type=WikiRepo(**DEFAULT_PATH_KWARGS))
def publish(config, local_repo_path):
"""Commits any local changes, syncs with the shared wiki repository (in
both directions), and recompiles the shared wiki."""
if os.path.exists(LOCK_PATH):
raise ClickException('The wiki lock file already exists. Seems like someone else is compiling.')
@ -166,6 +168,9 @@ def publish(config, local_repo_path):
def get(config, preview, preview_path, path):
"""Given a path to a file in the wiki, open it in a browser. Uses
sensible-browser. No need to specify the extension; e.g., 'wiki get
editors/emacs' will show /wiki/editors/emacs.html in the browser."""
read_path = config.publish_path
if preview:
read_path = preview_path
@ -182,17 +187,16 @@ def get(config, preview, preview_path, path):['sensible-browser', path])
# TODO sync command that:
# - offers to wipe any local changes or commit them
# - pulls from origin
# - pushes to origin
@click.option('--local-repo-path', default=LOCAL_REPOSITORY_PATH,
help='Path to shared wiki git repository.', type=WikiRepo(**DEFAULT_PATH_KWARGS))
def reset(config, local_repo_path):
click.confirm("This will overwrite any changes you've made locally. Proceed?", abort=True)
def sync(config, local_repo_path):
"""Syncs a local copy of the wiki with the shared copy. Resets any
outstanding changes. If those changes should be kept, publish them
if git.dirty(local_repo_path):
click.confirm("This will overwrite any changes you've made locally. Proceed?", abort=True)
def _preview(preview_path, local_repo_path):