Add listener object

mio 5 years ago
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commit 45029d9525

@ -8,18 +8,23 @@ class IRC:
debug = False
def run(self, handler, conf):
def run(self, listen_hook, conf):
"""A routine that connects to a server, joins channels, and initialises
the request handler in a loop."""
self.connect(conf.server, conf.bot_nick)
the request listener in a loop."""
# Conf settings needed by listen(), also used by disconnect()
self.bot_nick = conf.bot_nick
self.admin_user = conf.admin_user
self.admin_code = conf.admin_code
self.connect(conf.server, self.bot_nick)
while 1:
data = self.receive(debug=conf.debug)
self.msg = self.parse_msg(data, conf.req_prefix)
data = self.receive()
self.msg = self.parse(data, conf.req_prefix)
for c in conf.channels:
handler(self.msg, c)
# Pass in a context dict for handlers
listen_hook({"msg": self.msg, "listen_chan": c})
def connect(self, server, bot_nick):
"""Connect to the server and sends user/nick information."""
@ -32,11 +37,25 @@ class IRC:
bot_nick + " " + bot_nick)
self.send("NICK", bot_nick)
def disconnect(self, resp_msg, quit_msg, admin_user):
def disconnect(self, resp_msg, quit_msg):
"""Notify the admin user and disconnect from the server."""
self.send("PRIVMSG", resp_msg, recvr=admin_user)
self.send("PRIVMSG", resp_msg, recvr=self.admin_user)
self.send("QUIT", ":" + quit_msg)
# Currently only one server per app instance is supported, so
# disconnect also exits the app
exit("Shutting down ...")
def keepalive(self, line):
"""Stay connected to a server by responding to server pings."""
if "PING" in line:
self.send("PONG", ":" + line.split(":", 2)[1].split(" ", 1)[0])
def join_channels(self, channels):
"""Join channels given a list of channel names."""
for c in channels:
if c.strip() != "" or c.strip() != "#":
self.send("JOIN", c)
def send(self, command, text, *args, **kwargs):
"""Send messages given the IRC command and text. Optionally specify a
message recipient with `recvr=user`."""
@ -54,25 +73,14 @@ class IRC:
bs.decode("utf-8").strip() + "`")
def receive(self, *args, **kwargs):
def receive(self):
"""Get messages from the connected socket."""
data = self.sock.recv(2040).decode("utf-8").strip("\r\n")
if self.debug:
print("[debug][recv] " + data)
return data
def keep_alive(self, line):
"""Stay connected to a server by responding to server pings."""
if "PING" in line:
self.send("PONG", ":" + line.split(":", 2)[1].split(" ", 1)[0])
def join_channels(self, channels):
"""Join channels given a list of channel names."""
for c in channels:
if c.strip() != "" or c.strip() != "#":
self.send("JOIN", c)
def parse_msg(self, line, req_prefix):
def parse(self, line, req_prefix):
"""Using received data from a socket, extract the request, the nick and
username of the requester, the channel where the request originated and
return a dictionary of values."""
@ -85,3 +93,41 @@ class IRC:
data["nick"] = line.split("!~", 1)[0][1:]
data["user"] = line.split("!~", 2)[1][0:].split("@", 1)[0]
return data
def listen(self, context, trigger, handler, *args, **kwargs):
"""Listen for a trigger and call the handler. It takes a context
dictionary (to determine the channel and recipient), trigger string and
corresponding handler function. Optional flags (chan, query, admin) can
be used to specify whether a trigger is active in channels or by
/msg. e.g. `chan=False, query=True` to make a trigger query-only. By
default, it will listen in both channels and private messages."""
in_chan = kwargs.get("chan", True)
in_query = kwargs.get("query", True)
in_admin = kwargs.get("admin", False)
# Admin requests are query/pm only
if in_admin:
in_chan = False
msg = context["msg"]
channel = context["listen_chan"]
# Responses are sent via pm to the user by default, while requests made
# in a channel are sent to the channel. While it's possible to override
# the recvr, it usually easier to enable a trigger in the same location
# where the response will be sent.
context["recvr"] = msg["user"]
if msg["req"] == trigger:
# Respond only in the channel where the request was made
if in_chan and channel == msg["req_chan"]:
context["recvr"] = msg["req_chan"]
# Respond to query/pm
elif in_query and msg["req_chan"] == self.bot_nick:
# Respond only to the admin user
elif in_admin and msg["user"].lower() == \
self.admin_user.lower() and self.admin_code in msg["req"]:
def reply(self, cxt, text):
"""Alias of send() with PRIVMSG command preset."""
self.send("PRIVMSG", text, recvr=cxt["recvr"])

@ -1,4 +1,3 @@
from sys import exit
from random import randint
import config as cfg
@ -9,39 +8,24 @@ class Ramen:
"""Requests with a ramen theme."""
def main(self):
"""Instantiate an IRC object and pass in the request handler."""
"""Instantiate an IRC object and attach the listeners."""
self.irc = IRC()
self.irc.debug = cfg.debug, cfg), cfg)
def handle(self, msg, channel):
"""Listen for requests in a channel and match them to functions."""
self.msg = msg
if self.msg["req_chan"] == cfg.bot_nick:
# Respond to some commands only from admin user
if self.msg["user"].lower() == cfg.admin_user.lower() and \
cfg.admin_code in self.msg["req"]:
self.handle_admin_req(self.msg["req"], cfg.admin_user)
def add_listeners(self, cxt):
"""Map triggers to handlers."""
self.irc.listen(cxt, "exit " + cfg.admin_code, self.quit, admin=True)
self.irc.listen(cxt, "rollcall", self.rollcall)
self.irc.listen(cxt, "help", self.rollcall)
self.irc.listen(cxt, "water " + cfg.bot_nick, self.water)
self.irc.listen(cxt, "botsnack " + cfg.bot_nick, self.botsnack)
# Respond only in the channel the request was made
if channel == self.msg["req_chan"]:
# General commands
if self.msg["req"] == "rollcall" or self.msg["req"] == "help":
elif self.msg["req"] == ("water " + cfg.bot_nick):
elif self.msg["req"] == ("botsnack " + cfg.bot_nick):
def quit(self, cxt):
"""Disconnect from the server and quit."""
self.irc.disconnect("Okay, okay, I'll leave. (´・ω・`)", "noodling off")
def handle_admin_req(self, req, admin_user):
"""Perform admin functions."""
if "exit" in req:
self.irc.send("PRIVMSG", "Okay, okay, I'll leave. (´・ω・`)", \
self.irc.send("QUIT", ":noodling off")
exit("Shutting down ...")
def handle_rollcall(self):
def rollcall(self, cxt):
resp = (
"一、二、三、らーめん缶! "
"Hello, I am a ramen vending machine. "
@ -49,21 +33,19 @@ class Ramen:
"!help "
"Support: +81 012-700-1MIO どうぞめしあがれ。"
self.irc.send("PRIVMSG", resp, recvr=self.msg["req_chan"])
self.irc.reply(cxt, resp)
def handle_water(self):
def water(self, cxt):
resp = [
("\x01ACTION happily pours the hot liquid into a bowl of noodles "
"and offers it to ") + self.msg["nick"] + "\x01",
"and offers it to ") + cxt["msg"]["nick"] + "\x01",
" ^_^o自自o^_^ Cheers!",
"Water Level [/////////] 200% - Thanks! (^▽^)"
self.irc.send("PRIVMSG", resp[randint(0, len(resp)-1)], \
self.irc.reply(cxt, resp[randint(0, len(resp)-1)])
def handle_botsnack(self):
self.irc.send("PRIVMSG", "Ramen time anytime! ヽ(´▽`)/", \
def botsnack(self, cxt):
self.irc.reply(cxt, "Ramen time anytime! 自o(´▽`)/")
app = Ramen()