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@ -0,0 +1,92 @@
-- Sources:
-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_breads
-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_buns
-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bread_rolls
grammar = {
origin = {
-- Major Arpana
"0. The Waffle", -- multiple openings, Fool
"I. The Wonut", -- embellished openings, Magician
"II. The Croissant", -- crescent, High Priestess
"III. The Pretzel", -- heart-shaped, Empress
"IV. The King's Day Bread", -- rosca de reyes, Emperor
"V. The Brioche", -- from pain bénit, Hierophant
"VI. The Röggelchen", -- double roll, Lovers
"VII. The Horsebread", -- horses, Chariot
"VIII. The Lion Loaf", -- bread and loaf, Strength
"IX. The Mantou", -- eaten by travellers, Hermit
"X. The Butterkaka", -- rolled buns, Wheel of Fortune
"XI. The Cospia", -- two sections wound together, Justice
"XII. The Colaci", -- braided loop, Hanged Man
"XIII. The Bread of the Dead", -- pan de muerto, Death
"XIV. The Capirotada", -- eaten during Lent, Temperance
"XV. The Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread", -- has chili peppers, Devil
"XVI. The Bun Tower", -- 60' bamboo towers with buns, Tower
"XVII. The Putok", -- star bread, Star
"XVIII. The Kifli", -- crescent-shaped, Moon
"XIX. The Tahini Roll", -- spiral-shaped, Sun
"XX. The Cuerno", -- horn, Judgement
"XXI. The Vetekrans", -- wheat wreath, World
-- Minor Arpana
-- Sliced bread, swords/spades
"Ace of Slice — Anadama",
"Two of Slice — Chickpea",
"Three of Slice — Cozonac",
"Four of Slice — Graham",
"Five of Slice — Pain de Mie",
"Six of Slice — Paximathia",
"Seven of Slice — Pumpkin",
"Eight of Slice — Rye",
"Nine of Slice — Salt-Rising",
"Ten of Slice — Sepik",
"Page of Slice — Spelt",
"Knight of Slice — Sprouted",
"Queen of Slice — Texas Toast",
"King of Slice — Zwieback",
-- Baguette, wands/batons/clubs
"Ace of Baguette — Breadstick",
"Two of Baguette — Breakfast Rolls",
"Three of Baguette — Challah",
"Four of Baguette — Cognou",
"Five of Baguette — Fougasse",
"Six of Baguette — Grissini",
"Seven of Baguette — Hoagie Rolls",
"Eight of Baguette — Marraqueta Tacneña",
"Nine of Baguette — Mohnflesserl",
"Ten of Baguette — Nudgers",
"Page of Baguette — Samoon",
"Knight of Baguette — Spuccadella",
"Queen of Baguette — Shoti",
"King of Baguette — Zopf",
-- Bread bowl, cups/hearts
"Ace of Bread Bowl — Anpan",
"Two of Bread Bowl — Asado Rolls",
"Three of Bread Bowl — Bialy",
"Four of Bread Bowl — Cream Buns",
"Five of Bread Bowl — Cruffins",
"Six of Bread Bowl — Curry Bread",
"Seven of Bread Bowl — Hoppang",
"Eight of Bread Bowl — Lotus Seed Buns",
"Nine of Bread Bowl — Melonpan",
"Ten of Bread Bowl — Nikuman",
"Page of Bread Bowl — Pan de Coco",
"Knight of Bread Bowl — Pistolet",
"Queen of Bread Bowl — Salapao",
"King of Bread Bowl — Sufganiyah",
-- Croutons, pentacles/coins/diamonds
"Ace of Croutons — Bagel",
"Two of Croutons — Bakarkhani",
"Three of Croutons — Biscuits",
"Four of Croutons — Broa",
"Five of Croutons — Crackers",
"Six of Croutons — Dampfnudel",
"Seven of Croutons — Hardtacks",
"Eight of Croutons — Kaiser Rolls",
"Nine of Croutons — Kamir",
"Ten of Croutons — Pandesal",
"Page of Croutons — Roti Bolen",
"Knight of Croutons — Sheermal",
"Queen of Croutons — Shaobing",
"King of Croutons — Teacakes",

@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ itte_config = {
help = "Today's your lucky day, for I, hachi, also known to none as" ..
" the handsomer Hermes, shall bring you messages of ... well," ..
" wouldn't you like to know? For a bit of faux fortune-telling or" ..
" fickle forecasting, ask a question, then try: {{codes}}",
" fickle forecasting, ask a question, and try: {{codes}}",
quit = "May fortune smile upon you all!",
reload = "Config reloaded.",
@ -22,6 +22,12 @@ folia.foils_dir = "/home/mio/bin/itte/examples/hachi/foils"
local hachi = {}
-- Show help message
function itte_handlers.botland(cxt, msg)
irc._h.help(cxt, msg)
-- Create handlers for each foil
function hachi.generate_handlers(handlers, foils_dir)
local foils = folia.get_foils(foils_dir)