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-- Initialise module.
local hellobot = require("itte")
-- [[
-- Set the config file paths.
-- confs.prefix: the keyword prefix for the config files. When `run()` is
-- called, by default the client will look for config files as
-- [prefix].config.lua and [prefix].servers.lua.
-- The `[prefix].config.lua` should contain the `itte_config` and
-- `itte_handlers` variables, and `[prefix].servers.lua` should contain the
-- `itte_servers` variable. The variables can be stored in the same file, but
-- if sharing the source, it is recommended to keep them in separate files to
-- help redact server connection details like passwords.
-- `confs.config` and `confs.server` can be used to pass in the file names
-- individually if they are named differently from the default.
-- Either set confs.prefix, *or* a combination of confs.config and
-- confs.server, but not both.
-- ]]
hellobot.confs.prefix = "hellobot"
-- Call the run function.