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import random
coffee = @[
# Hot coffee
"A café americano is an espresso-based drink made by adding hot water.",
"A café de olla is coffee made in earthen clay pots, flavoured with cinnamon and unrefined cane sugar.",
"A café miel is an espresso with steamed milk, cinnamon and honey.",
"A café Touba is a Senegalese ground coffee made by roasting coffee beans with grains of selim.",
"A caffè lungo is an espresso-based drink made with the liquid brewed rather than adding hot water to the espresso.",
"A caffè macchiato is an espresso marked with a small amount of milk.",
"A caffè Medici is a double shot espresso with chocolate syrup and orange peel, and finished with whipped cream.",
"A cappuccino is an espresso made with steamed milk.",
"A double-double is a drip coffee poured over two creams and two sugars.",
"A doppio is a double shot espresso.",
"An espresso is coffee brewed with a machine that extrudes a small amount of hot water or steam through finely ground coffee.",
"A latte is coffee made with espresso and steamed milk.",
"A manilo is made with espresso and a small amount of milk.",
"A melya is coffee with cocoa powder and honey.",
"A mocha or mocaccino is made with espresso, hot milk, and chocolate syrup, dark or milk chocolate.",
"A pedrocchi is a mint coffee made from espresso, fresh cream, mint syrup and a thin layer of cocoa powder.",
"A pocillo is a shot of unsweetened coffee popular in Latin America.",
"A ristretto is traditionally espresso made with half the amount of water.",
# Iced coffee
"A black tie is made by mixing two shots of espresso with Thai iced tea, which includes black tea, orange blossom water, tamarind, sugar, condensed milk or cream.",
"A frappé is an iced coffee covered with a layer of foam.",
"A guillermo is espresso poured over lime slices, sometimes served with ice or milk.",
"An ice shot is a shot of espresso poured over ice and often with ice cream added on top.",
"A palazzo consists of two shots of chilled espresso mixed with sweet cream.",
"A mazagran is an Algerian cold coffee with ice, and occasionally lemon, rum or sugar.",
"A shakerato is an iced coffee made from espresso shaken with ice cubes.",
# Liqueur coffee
"A caffè corretto is a shot of espresso with a shot of liquor, such as brandy or grappa.",
"An Irish coffee includes Irish whiskey and sugar and topped with cream.",
"A ponce is a shot of espresso with rum and occasionally, lemon zest."
echo sample(coffee)