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#!/usr/bin/env -S rlwrap BQN
# String to Int list
#ToInts ← (+´(10⋆⌽∘↕∘≠)⊸×∘-⟜'0')¨ (+`׬)⊸-∘=⟜' '⊸⊔
ToInts (+´(10)×-'0')¨ (+`׬)-¬('0'+10)
# Is string a die roll
# Takes a die string and rolls it
Roll(´'d'=)(+´(10)×-'0'){ 𝕊str:
nums 0/ (+´(10)×-'0')¨(+`׬)-¬('0'+10) 𝕩
adm {a,d,m: 𝕩; a,d:{´str"+-"? 1𝕩; 𝕩0}𝕩; d: 1d0} nums
+´(1+)(a •rand.Range d)+ (´'-'=𝕩)+,- m}
# A string with die rolls to Int list
RollToInts Roll¨ (+`׬)-=' '
# Rolls input and splits input into pairs
ToPairs(¯1+´(10)×-'0')¨, Roll¨ {𝕎𝕩}¨ ((<˘ 2) (+`׬)-=' ')
# Roll strings
RollString •Out( ' '¨) •Fmt¨RollToInts
# Mark the firsts, removing overlaps.
# old‿new ReplaceAll string
ReplaceAll{fr𝕊𝕩: g(+`(»(f)fMarkFirst))𝕩 r¨((gf)/)g}
# Read file of tab sepperated pairs, add contents to macro list.
FileErr{•Out "Macro file: "𝕩" doesn't exist"}
ReadMacros{macros ¨/ (+`׬)-=(@+9)¨ •Flines 𝕩}FileErr
ReadMacros"No Macros" "macros"
MacroReplace{𝕩 ReplaceAll´ macros}
# Create graveyard and turnOrder ⟨initiative, name, heath⟩
Clear{𝕊: turnOrdergraveyard}
# Sorts the turn order acording to a list of indicies
Sort<(¨){𝕩 graveyard 𝔽 turnOrder 𝔽}
# General Error
Err{•Out "Don't understand input: "•Fmt 𝕩}
# Parses input and adds each foe to the turn order.
_CreateFoe{𝔽{0=𝕩 ? 0;
IsRoll𝕩 ? 𝔽 Roll,𝔾,Roll{𝕎𝕩}¨ 3𝕩 𝕊3𝕩;
𝔽 (Roll "d20")𝔾,Roll{𝕎𝕩}¨ 2𝕩 𝕊2𝕩}(< ¯1( ' '¨)){
¨/ (+`+» IsRoll¨) (+`׬)-=' '𝕩}ErrMacroReplace}
NewFoe,DeadFoe{𝕩_CreateFoe}¨{turnOrder ¨112 /𝕩}{graveyard ¨112 /𝕩}
# Parse a list of numbers, move said indices from turn order to grave
KillFoe{m¬(1+ turnOrder)𝕩
graveyard ¨ (¬m)/¨ turnOrderturnOrder m/¨} ToInts
# Parse a list of numbers, move said indices to turn order from grave
ResurrectFoe{m¬(1+ graveyard)𝕩
turnOrder ¨ (¬m)/¨ graveyardgraveyard m/¨} ToInts
# Hurt foes, id hurt id hurt format
HurtFoe{𝕊iddam: turnOrder (-dam)(id)(2)} ToPairs
# Heal foes, id heal id heal format
HealFoe{𝕊iddam: turnOrder ((id3turnOrder) +dam)(id)(2)} ToPairs
# Move Foes, id initative, id initative
MoveFoe{𝕊idinit: turnOrder init(id)(0)} ToPairs
# Turns a turn order into a string
OrderToString{𝕨 ˜´( " "¨)¨<˘>{•Fmt¨,,•Fmt¨{𝕎𝕩}¨𝕩}𝕩}
# Writes graveyard and turnorder to a file
Dump{𝕩 •Flines "add""add dead" OrderToString¨turnOrdergraveyard}
# Reads file, prints message is it doesn't exist
File•Flines{•Show "File '"𝕩"' doesn't exist. Nothing to read"}
# Displays each active character in a turn order.
Display{idinhp:•Outid,":",i,@+9,n," has ",hp," hit points"@}{
(𝔽 •Fmt¨(1101/))(4)˘> (<1+) 𝕩}
roll: Roll a specified die. “roll 3d20-7”
add: Add foes to the turn order. “add grendi d4 d20+3 globlsmark 2d6”
add dead: Add foes to the graveyard. “add 17 King John 5”
display: Show turn order, formatted foe id, initative, name and hit points.
grave: Same as display but for graveyard
hurt: Using a id, hurt a foe. “hurt 2 d8 4 2d8+3”
heal: Using a id, heal a foe. “heal 1 2d6 1 2d6”
move: Using a id and a new initiative, move a foe. “move 3 d20 4 10”
kill: Using a id, move a foe to the graveyard. “kill 3 4 2”
resurrect: Using a id, move a foe from the graveyard. “resurrect 3 4 2”
file: Read in a file as if it was typed right in right now.
dump: Write out a file in a mannor that it can be read back in.
clear: Clear the turn order and graveyard.
help: Displays this message.
exit: Ends the program.
"roll"4𝕩 ? RollString 5𝕩 ; "add dead"8𝕩 ? DeadFoe 9𝕩 ;
"add"3𝕩 ? NewFoe 4𝕩 ; "move"4𝕩 ? MoveFoe 5𝕩 ;
"hurt"4𝕩 ? HurtFoe 5𝕩 ; "heal"4𝕩 ? HealFoe 5𝕩 ;
"kill"4𝕩 ? KillFoe 5𝕩 ; "resurrect"9𝕩 ? ResurrectFoe 10𝕩 ;
"display"𝕩 ? Display turnOrder ; "grave"𝕩 ? Display graveyard ;
"file"4𝕩 ? Read¨ File 5𝕩 ; "dump"4𝕩 ? Dump 5𝕩 ;
"macros"𝕩 ? •Show macros ; "macros"6𝕩 ? ReadMacros 7𝕩 ;
"clear"𝕩 ? Clear @ ; ("?"𝕩)"help"𝕩 ? •Out help ;
# Debug Commands
"Display"𝕩 ? •Show turnOrder ; "Grave"𝕩 ? •Show graveyard ;
"exit"𝕩 ? run0 ; 0}
run 1
{Sort @ Read •Getline 𝕩} •_While_ {𝕤run0} @