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For now, check out the [[https://github.com/tildetown/tilde-wiki/blob/master/rfc.org][rfc]].
* using this tool
this tool is super specific to tilde.town, but more or less adaptable to similar
environments. if there are things you think should change to make this more
useful elsewhere, PRs and issues are welcome.
** prequisites
- a git repo with a top level path ~src/articles~
- the files ~src/{footer.md,header.md}~ which contain whatever header and footer content you'd like
- everything in ~src/articles~ to be either a markdown (~.md~), html (~.html~), or plain text (~.txt~) file
- write privileges for anyone who clones the repo
- a ~post-receive~ hook with something like the following:
#+BEGIN_SRC bash
umask 002
unset GIT_DIR
cd /wiki
git reset --hard HEAD
git log -1 > git-last-log.txt
(you will want to replace ~/wiki~ with whatever the path to your wiki repo is)
* author