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favor the new townstats tool

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@@ -1,28 +1,8 @@
import json
import os
import pkgutil
import sys

from pystache import render

from .stats import tdp

TDP_PATH = '/var/www/'

def generate_homepage():
"""This function regenerates both our tdp json file and our homepage. It is
intended to be called as root from the command-line."""
template = pkgutil.get_data('tildetown', 'templates/frontpage.html')
stats = tdp()
frontpage_output = render(template, stats)

with open(TDP_PATH, 'w') as f:

with open(FRONTPAGE_OUTPUT_PATH, 'w') as f:

def mustache():
with open(sys.argv[1], 'r', encoding='utf-8') as f:

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@@ -1,202 +0,0 @@
#!/usr/bin/env python3

# - tilde data in tilde data protocol format.
# Copyright 2015 Michael F. Lamb <>
# License: GPLv3+

Outputs JSON data conforming to "~dp (Tilde Description Protocol)" as defined

It is a JSON structure of the form:

'name': (string) the name of the server.
'url': (string) the URL of the server.
'signup_url': (string) the URL of a page describing the process required to request an account on the server.
'want_users': (boolean) whether the server is currently accepting new user requests.
'admin_email': (string) the email address of the primary server administrator.
'description': (string) a free-form description for the server.
'users': [ (array) an array of users on the server, sorted by last activity time
'username': (string) the username of the user.
'title': (string) the HTML title of the user’s index.html page.
'mtime': (number) a timestamp representing the last time the user’s index.html was modified.
'user_count': (number) the number of users currently registered on the server.

We also overload this with some data we were using in the previous version of, which is of the form:

'users': [ (array) of users on the server.
'default': (boolean) Is the user still using their unmodified default index.html?
'favicon': (string) a url to an image representing the user
'live_user_count': (number) count of live users (those who have changed their index.html)
'active_user_count': (number) count of currently logged in users
'generated_at': (string) the time this JSON was generated in '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' format.
'generated_at_msec': (number) the time this JSON was generated, in milliseconds since the epoch.
'uptime': (string) output of `uptime -p`
'news': collection of news entries containing 'title', 'pubdate', and 'content', the latter being raw HTML

Usage: > /var/www/html/tilde.json

import datetime
import json
import os
import pwd
import re
import subprocess

SYSTEM_USERS = ['wiki', 'root', 'ubuntu', 'nate', 'nobody']
DEFAULT_HTML_FILENAME = "/etc/skel/public_html/index.html"
NEWS_PATH = '/town/news.posts'
blank_line_re = re.compile(r'\s*\n')
title_re = re.compile(r'<title[^>]*>(.*)</title>', re.DOTALL)

def active_user_count():
"""Return the count of unique usernames logged in."""
return len(set(line.split()[0] for line in
["who"], universal_newlines=True).splitlines()))

def get_title(indexhtml):
"""Given an html file, return the content of its <title>"""
with open(indexhtml, 'rt', errors='ignore') as fp:
title =
if title:

def get_users():
"""Generate tuples of the form (username, homedir) for all normal
users on this system.

return ((p.pw_name, p.pw_dir) for p in pwd.getpwall() if
p.pw_uid >= 1000 and
p.pw_shell != '/bin/false' and
p.pw_name not in SYSTEM_USERS)

def most_recent_within(path):
"""Return the most recent timestamp among all files within path, 3
levels deep.
return max(modified_times(path, maxdepth=3))

def modified_times(path, maxdepth=None):
"""Walk the directories in path, generating timestamps for all
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(path):
if maxdepth and len(root[len(path):].split(os.sep)) == maxdepth:
for f in files:
yield os.path.getmtime(os.path.join(root, f))
except (FileNotFoundError, PermissionError):

def tdp_user(username, homedir):
"""Given a unix username, and their home directory, return a TDP format
dict with information about that user.

public_html = os.path.join(homedir, 'public_html')
index_html = os.path.join(public_html, 'index.html')
if os.path.exists(index_html):
return {
'username': username,
'title': get_title(index_html),
'mtime': int(most_recent_within(public_html) * 1000),
# extensions and backward compatibility
'favicon': 'TODO',
['diff', '-q', DEFAULT_HTML_FILENAME, index_html],
stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL) == 0,
return {
'username': username,
'default': False

def parse_news(news_path):
"""Given a path to a .posts file, builds an returns a list of news entries with keys 'title', 'content', and 'pubdate'"""
metadata_keys = ['title', 'pubdate']
in_meta = True
in_content = False
current_entry = {'content':''}
entries = []
with open(news_path, 'r') as f:
line = 'not null'
while line:
line = f.readline()
if blank_line_re.match(line) or line.startswith('#'):
elif line == '--\n':
current_entry = {'content':''}
in_meta = True
in_content = False
elif in_meta:
key, value = line.split(':', 1)
current_entry[key] = value.rstrip().lstrip()
if set(metadata_keys).issubset(current_entry.keys()):
in_content = True
in_meta = False
elif in_content:
current_entry['content'] += "\n{}".format(line.lstrip().rstrip())

return entries

def tdp():
now =
users = sorted(
(tdp_user(u, h) for u, h in get_users()),
key=lambda x:x.get('mtime', 0),

# TDP format data
data = {
'name': '',
'url': '',
'signup_url': '',
'want_users': True,
'admin_email': '',
'description': " ".join(l.strip() for l in """
an intentional digital community for creating and sharing works of
art, educating peers, and technological anachronism. we are a
completely non-commercial, donation supported, and committed to
rejecting false technological progress in favor of empathy and
sustainable computing.
'user_count': len(users),
'users': users,

# extensions and backward compatibility
'active_user_count': active_user_count(),
'generated_at': now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'),
'generated_at_msec': int(now.timestamp() * 1000),
'uptime': subprocess.check_output(['uptime', '-p'], universal_newlines=True),
'live_user_count': sum(1 for x in data['users'] if not x['default']),
'news': parse_news(NEWS_PATH),

return data

def main():
print(json.dumps(tdp(), sort_keys=True, indent=2))

if __name__ == '__main__':
raise SystemExit(main())