a convoluted pipeline of transformations that creates an html media diary from a plain text database. https://tilde.town/~dozens/consume/
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- add desktop and mobile styles
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- add abbreviations
- add recfeed
- add flags: entries can now be published or draft
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it's like goodreads for x

CC BY 4.0 2023


a convoluted pipeline of transformations that creates an html log of tv shows, podcasts, and music from a plain text database.

this is what powers http://tilde.town/~dozens/consume/


  • plain text database!
  • ed?
  • produces html/css/javascript (js for filtering content type; css for lookin good; html because don't you want to read it??)
  • rss feed
  • rec feed


getting started

  1. install dependencies

  2. update templates/feed.mustache and templates/html.mustache to include your own links and information for the generated rss and html. update the up recipe in the justfile to put the generated files wherever you want them.

  3. run just new. or copy the 'new' script from the justfile into a bash file and run it.

  4. just html and just rss will build the html and rss respectively. Again, you can cobble these together from the justfile into a bash script if you don't have/want to install just. just build will assemble both the html and the rss.