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Dozens B. McCuzzins 6941e6e415 add twee and html
turns out twee, the plain text twine format, is dead simple. a little
sed and a recfmt template, and now we have twine support! installed
tweego[1] and now i have a little html pipeline! and with the twison
format library[2] i also get a json object of the whole game in case i
want to embedd it in some other framework or something. the only kind of
annoying part is that instead of generating json, it generates a
preformatted html tag full of the json object that is created on the fly
with javascript. so you can't just dump the contents. you have to open a
browser and copy the contents of the div to a file. unless you use like,
a headless browser or something.

2023-11-28 21:51:33 -07:00
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