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Gardener 🌱

This is a tool for making a weed.

short for "web feed"
an rss-only blog

(All of the content is in the RSS feed. There is no web content.)


This uses pandoc's --template flag to create an rss feed item.

See feed.tmpl.


RSS is dead, but we never stopped using it.

We are the necromancers who fill it with the foul mimicry of life.


Getting Started

  1. Edit the vars section at the top of the justfile

  2. Edit the author tag in feed.tmpl. Or, as a learning exercise, change the contents of the tag to $author$ and start including an "author" value in the front matter of all your markdown sources. See how that works?

  3. Create a new markdown file in /src

  4. Give it the following YAML metadata block

    title: 'title of my post'
    created_at: 'Mon, 24 Jan 2022 17:26:03 -0700'

    Note that values need to be quoted.

    Note further that the timestamp should in RFC 5532 format. (date -R)

  5. Write the rest of your post

  6. Run just build to assemble your xml

  7. Edit the up recipe in the justfile so you can upload to your server.

  8. If you're feeling swoopy, run just all to build and upload in one fell swoop.


Thanks to the #basement crew for making such a lovely garden full of beautiful weeds <3