multi-user dungeon written in go
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multi-user dungeon engine written in go


  • learn go
  • make something super fun

current status

  • echo server

game features

  • text based rpg
  • it's super fun

application features

  • auth (TLS?): user, password, characters
  • connect via telnet or netcat
  • persistance (database)


  • characters/heroes
    • level (experience)
    • stats
    • skills (not classes?)
    • ancestry (not races)
  • items
    • weapons (wieldable)
    • armour (wearable)
  • npcs
    • monsters
    • friendlies
  • environment
  • rooms
  • quests


  • scriptable: should be able to create content in game
  • exploration to scale: wilderness map
  • websocket support