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This is my own personal recipe database and meal planner

STATUS: janky, proof of concept, unsafe, used in production


recipes.rec contains two types: meals and recipes

a meal may contain many recipe components.

%rec: meal
%doc: a meal can consist of several recipes
%key: name
%type: recipe rec recipe
%type: name line
%mandatory: name recipe
%allowed: name recipe


name: Lemon Couscous w Salmon and roast broccoli
recipe: lemon couscous
recipe: frozen salmon patties
recipe: roast brocolli

and a recipe comprises several ingredients and steps.

%rec: recipe
%doc: a recipe for one thing
%key: name
%type: name,ingredient,step line
%mandatory: name ingredient step
%allowed: name ingredient step


name: lemon couscous
ingredient: couscous
ingredient: veggie stock
ingredient: lemon juice
ingredient: garlic
step: cook the couscous in the stock
step: drain
step: add lemon and garlic

menu.rec contains meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day.

%rec: menu
%doc: a menu of meals
%type: breakfast rec meal
%type: lunch rec meal
%type: dinner rec meal
%type: day line
%type: date date
%allowed: day date breakfast lunch dinner
%mandatory: day date breakfast lunch dinner


day: Wednesday
date: 2024-02-07
breakfast: eggs n peanutbutter
lunch: chipotle bowl
dinner: Lemon Couscous w Salmon and roast broccoli


  • the justfile contains scrips for creating a .rem file for remind(1). (from there you can use the rem2ics utility to create a calendar file, or rem2ps to create a pdf.)

  • /bin/ will create a simple pdf menu via groff and tbl.

  • /bin/ will print a list of ingredients based on the week's menu so you can plan your shoping.


  • recutils
  • groff


  • add recipes and meals to db/recipes.rec
  • plan your weekly menu in db/menu.rec
  • just menu to create .rem and .pdf menus for the week
  • just shopping to print a shopping list


This might eventually become part of the backend for

  • remove zx dep (i thought it would make dates easier in the beginning)
  • parameterize the date for which the week should be calculated.
  • quantity for recipe ingredient?
  • yield for recipe?
  • link recipes? e.g., Egg Replacement in Black Bean Patties
  • total quantities per ingredient in ingredient list
  • review/confirm shopping list
  • add 'snack' meal? e.g. elevenses, tea