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Is there even such a thing as 
"mainstream" anymore? I mean it used to 
be the case that everybody watched the 
same nightly news and listened to the 
same radio station. And 
"counterculture" was growing your hair 
long and listening to rock and roll. 
Now the duality of mainstream vs. 
counterculture seems as quaint as the 
idea that there are only two genders or 
only two sexes. Kids don't listen to 
rock & roll to rebel, they listen to 
soundcloud emo rap, or whatever, and if 
the niche sound that speaks directly to 
them doesn't exist, they can invent it 
and upload it for the world to hear 
with little more than a cheap laptop.
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At the other end of the LONG TAIL of 
the internet is a metaphorical infosec 
furry, and because of them there are as 
many small STREAMS and countercultures 
as there are individual people.