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Pro Toad and Superb Owl

 (@)(@)     {0,0}  So I picked up a book in the 
 (~~~~)    ./)_)   middle of this epic fantasy series.
 (>vv<)      " "   It's by this author who I heard
                   does really good sword and sorcery
     \             stories, and I'm into that. Anyway
  the story opens on a tragic, lonely noble lord, 
  last of his line, subject to disfigurement because
  of the family curse and whatnot. But, get this, it
  totally takes place in Old Germany during the rise
  of the Nazi party!

 (@)(@)     {0,0}  -- Hoo?
 (~~~~)    ./)_)
 (>vv<)      " "

 (@)(@)     {0,0}  I was so disoriented that I looked it up,
 (~~~~)    ./)_)   and there will eventually be a classic
 (>vv<)      " "   fantasy storyline that interweaves with
                   the modern nazi storyline.
  Which means eventually the hero is literally going ride
  a dragon to Hitler's bunker and punch him in the face and
  if there's one thing this world needs more of, it's mother
  fucking dragons beating the shit out of nazis.