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Rolling dice in markdown! Can it be done??

watch the video:

this repo contains:

├── db.rec
├── justfile
├── macros.m4
  1. -- this file
  2. db.rec -- a 'recfile' containing one record per possible outcome of rolling 2d6 based on a loose interpretation of the Powered By The Apocalypse system
  3. justfile -- just a collection of scripts
  4. macros.m4 -- an m4 macros file. no longer used, but preserved for historical value
  5. -- a daring story about love, danger, and potatoes

other goodies:

  • tmux: tmux send-keys allows you to send arbitrary key strokes to other tmux panes. In the video, I used it to tell lynx to refresh itself each time the html file is recompiled.

  • snippets: here's the snippet i ended up using to roll the dice:

    snippet res "roll 2d6!"
    `recsel -P result -m 1 db.rec`

more reading: