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drop table if exists users;
drop table if exists threads;
drop table if exists messages;
create table users (
user_id text, -- string (uuid1)
user_name text, -- string
auth_hash text, -- string (sha256 hash)
quip text, -- string (possibly empty)
bio text, -- string (possibly empty)
color int, -- int (from 0 to 6)
is_admin int, -- bool
created real -- floating point unix timestamp (when this user registered)
create table threads (
thread_id text, -- uuid string
author text, -- string (uuid1, user.user_id)
title text, -- string
last_mod real, -- floating point unix timestamp (of last post or post edit)
created real, -- floating point unix timestamp (when thread was made)
reply_count int, -- integer (incremental, starting with 0)
pinned int, -- boolean
last_author text -- uuid string
create table messages (
thread_id text, -- string (uuid1 of parent thread)
post_id int, -- integer (incrementing from 1)
author text, -- string (uuid1, user.user_id)
created real, -- floating point unix timestamp (when reply was posted)
edited int, -- bool
body text, -- string
send_raw int -- bool (1/true == never apply formatting)