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magical 804438f045 add bundle.py to create single-file bbj client
python is able to import modules from a zip file. if the zip file
contains __main__.py it will even run it as a script! this lets us bundle
bbj's frontend together with its sole external dependency (urwid) to
create a single executable file that'll run anywhere with python
installed, no virtualenv needed.

the only downside is that python can't import shared objects (.so) from a
zip file, so urwid can't use its C-accelerated str_util module and has
to fall back to the python version. which is slower, probably.
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Bulletin Butter & Jelly

BBJ is a trivial collection of python scripts and database queries that miraculously shit out a fully functional, text-driven community bulletin board. Requires Python 3.4 and up for the server and the official TUI client (clients/urwid/).


Look Ma, it boots !!11!

It's all driven by an API sitting on top of CherryPy. Currently it does not serve HTML but this is planned for the (distant?) future.

The two official client implementations are a stand alone TUI client for the unix terminal, and GNU Emacs. The API is simple and others are welcome to join the party at some point.