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# deal with errors
- jekyll-gist
# - jekyll-gist
- jekyll-paginate
# Add a navigational aid
@ -39,5 +39,6 @@ pages_list:
Archive: '/archive'
'RSS Feed': '/atom.xml'
'Contact': '/contact'
'What can I do around tilde.town?': '/around_town'
"What's with the name, ~rogbeer?": '/rogbeer'
'What would people give, for a cassette tape?': '/swap'
'What is the value of a cassette tape nowadays?': '/swap'

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layout: post
title: "A story of two wolves"
I saw this story on the Internet.
A village elder told a young child:
"There are two wolves in every person. One is loving and gentle, while
the other is hateful and brutal. They fight with each other all day and
all night."
The child asked: "Which wolf wins?"
The elder replied: "The one you feed the most."

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title: "about Gitea, or Git, on tilde.town"
layout: post
note to self:
run the following command once SSH-ed into tilde.town,
if you want an account at https://git.tilde.town
_town request-gitea_
and for a list of options, run the command:

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title: "What can I do around tilde.town?"
layout: page
- send and receive a [Friday Postcard](http://tilde.town/~jumblesale/fp.html)
- listen to [Town's Radio](http://tilde.town/~severak/town_radio.html)
- set a [Song of the Day, with a bot](http://tilde.town/~caff/ircbots/)
- explore the "awesome things" ~severak has found [around tilde.town](http://tilde.town/~severak/links.html)
- find something cool and tell me about it! (go on your own adventure!)