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title: "Content warning: emotional blackmail"
Content warning: emotional blackmail.
"If you don't do what I want you
to, I'll kill myself."
My mother said that to me when I was ten years
old or younger. Yes, my mother. I didn't know what to do. I didn't even
think to call the police. My siblings - a younger brother and a younger
sister - were there as well.
"Well? Do you want me to jump down from
nine storeys high, or not? Shall I do it now?"
My brother and I refused
to give in. But my sister rushed to Mummy and said, sobbing: "I love
you, Mummy, please don't jump."
Fast forward to my fifteen-year-old
self: I came in first in my cohort, in academic performance.
twenty-three years old: I felt unwell (mentally or otherwise). My
university class-mates started avoiding me.
Now, at thirty years old:
Looking back, it was hardly surprising that I suffered a break-down. I
had to attend to my wounds - emotional or otherwise - from my childhood.
All those years, I had been avoiding it, pretending everything was fine.
Now I feel much better, thanks to a Biblical God. And I wish - and
practise - kindness towards my mother, because that's what my god wants.
If you're suffering similarly right now, I hope my message encourages

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title: Contact
you could:
- send me internal mail, if you are using the shared computer at
- look for me at [Mastodon](http://im-in.space/@rogbeer).
I log-on to the above two cyberspace-places irregularly, so please don't
expect fast replies.

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title: what I'm up to now
I'm pursuing these, just to list a few (in no particular order):
1. Waiting for the results of my submission, of
[seven photos](https://alls-futility.tumblr.com/post/614080452947591168/a-series-of-seven-photos-as-yet-untitled-the),
to [Singapore
International Photography Festival](http://sipf.sg).
2. Getting re-acquainted with the ground, as a way to have fun and delight.
I got a reminder about that, from Vaishali Iyer's [blog-post](https://thestillspace.org/2020/03/22/ode-to-the-ground/).
3. Determining if [a writers' group](https://www.meetup.com/Writers-Collective/) is helpful for me.
4. a pleasure for me: staying in touch with friends. This includes chatting over software like WhatsApp.
5. keeping my time free to do whatever I may become excited about.
This has been a [Now-page](https://nownownow.com/about), written on 31st March