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@ -77,7 +77,9 @@ random errors introduced with the new Lua runtime (see [#197])
- `bait.release(name, catcher)` removes `handler` for the named `event`
- `exec`, `clear` and `cat` builtin commands
- `hilbish.cancel` hook
- 1st item on history is now inserted when history search menu is opened ([#148])
### Changed
@ -158,6 +160,7 @@ will result in the files being completed.
- Fixed grid menu display if cell width ends up being the width of the terminal
- Cut off item names in grid menu if its longer than cell width
- Fix completion search menu disappearing
- Completion paths having duplicated characters if it's escaped
## [2.0.0-rc1] - 2022-09-14
This is a pre-release version of Hilbish for testing. To see the changelog,