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🎀 a nice lil shell for lua people made with go and lua

help wanted

Hilbish is an interactive Unix-like shell written in Go, with the config and other code written in Lua.
It is currently in a Beta state. Though very fit for daily usage, updates may contain breaking changes.




Prebuilt binaries are not yet provided, so to try it out you’ll have to manually compile.

NOTE: Hilbish is currently only officially supported and tested on Linux


On Fedora, readline can be installed with:

sudo dnf install readline-devel

On Debian/Ubuntu and distros based on them, it can be installed with:

sudo apt install libreadline-dev


git clone
cd Hilbish
make build
sudo make install
# Or 
sudo make all

Alternativly, if you use Arch Linux, you can compile Hilbish with an (unofficial) AUR package

yay -S hilbish-git

Or install a prebuilt binary from an (unofficial) AUR package

yay -S hilbish


sudo make uninstall


Any kind of contributions to Hilbish are welcome!
Make sure to read before getting started.

Special Thanks To

Everyone here who has contributed:

Made with contributors-img.


  • This blog post which is how Hilbish now inserts a newline even if output doesn’t have one.


Hilbish is licensed under the MIT license.
Read here for more info.