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@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ alias(cmd, orig) > Sets an alias of `orig` to `cmd`
appendPath(dir) > Appends `dir` to $PATH
complete(scope, cb) > Registers a completion handler for `scope`.
A `scope` is currently only expected to be `command.<cmd>`,
replacing <cmd> with the name of the command (for example `command.git`).
`cb` must be a function that returns a table of the entries to complete.
Nested tables will be used as sub-completions.
exec(cmd) > Replaces running hilbish with `cmd`
goro(fn) > Puts `fn` in a goroutine
@ -10,6 +16,8 @@ interval(cb, time) > Runs the `cb` function every `time` milliseconds
multiprompt(str) > Changes the continued line prompt to `str`
prependPath(dir) > Prepends `dir` to $PATH
prompt(str) > Changes the shell prompt to `str`
There are a few verbs that can be used in the prompt text.
These will be formatted and replaced with the appropriate values.