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title: "v2.1.1 Release"
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> The release with full changelogs and prebuilt binaries can be
seen at the [v2.1.1](
Welcome to a fresh new release of Hilbish! Some people (or none) may be awaiting
the long coming v2.2 release with lots of features, but I *needed* to push
out this little bug fix (wink) release.
# Bug Fixes
## Validation checks for command input
When running this version, you may have noticed an odd message that sometimes
comes up when running commands. This is from the new TMOLI42SH
(The Meaning of Life is 42 String Hash) input validation scheme.
## Improved runtime code
Commands now have a chance of taking exactly 2-3s ~~more~~ less time of running due to
improvements in the code for shell runners!!!!!
## Validate lua code
Hilbish already threw an error when Lua code was not valid in syntax, but there was the
need for an extra validation scheme (called OpTTCLC - Opinion based Turing Test to Check Lua Code)
which results in less time wasted running invalid and TERRIBLE Lua code.
# Features
There is only 1 new feature in this glorious release.
## Fix your mistakes for the future
If you run a command that does not exist, Hilbish will say goodbye.
# Closing
Hope you enjoy this new release! It took a lot of effort to create this new version
while I was busy doing completely nothing. :)))