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## Introduction
The timers interface si one to easily set timeouts and intervals
to run functions after a certain time or repeatedly without using
odd tricks.
If you ever want to run a piece of code on a timed interval, or want to wait
a few seconds, you don't have to rely on timing tricks, as Hilbish has a
timer API to set intervals and timeouts.
These are the simple functions `hilbish.interval` and `hilbish.timeout` (doc
accessible with `doc hilbish`). But if you want slightly more control over
them, there is the `hilbish.timers` interface. It allows you to get
a timer via ID and control them.
All functions documented with the `Timer` type refer to a Timer object.
An example of usage:
local t = hilbish.timers.create(1, 5000, function()
print 'hello!'
print(t.running, t.duration, t.type)
## Interface fields
- `INTERVAL`: Constant for an interval timer type