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@ -38,8 +38,22 @@ The exit code has to be a number, it will be 0 otherwise and the error can be
These are the "low level" functions for the `hilbish.runner` interface.
+ setMode(mode) > The same as `hilbish.runnerMode`
+ sh(input) -> input, code, err > Runs `input` in Hilbish's sh interpreter
+ lua(input) -> input, code, err > Evals `input` as Lua code
+ sh(input) -> table > Runs `input` in Hilbish's sh interpreter
+ lua(input) -> table > Evals `input` as Lua code
The table value that runners return can have at least 4 values:
+ input (string): The full input text.
+ exitCode (number): Exit code (usually from a command)
+ continue (boolean): Whether to prompt the user for more input
(in the case of incomplete syntax)
+ err (string): A string that represents an error from the runner.
This should only be set when, for example, there is a syntax error.
It can be set to a few special values for Hilbish to throw the right
hooks and have a better looking message.
+ `<command>: not-found` will throw a `command.not-found` hook
based on what `<command>` is.
+ `<command>: not-executable` will throw a `command.not-executable` hook.
The others here are defined in Lua and have EmmyLua documentation.
These functions should be preferred over the previous ones.