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Lunacolors is an ANSI color/styling library for Lua. It is included
by default in standard Hilbish distributions to provide easy styling
for things like prompts and text.
For simple usage, a single color or style is enough. For example,
you can just use ` 'Hello world'` and that'll return
blue text which you can print. This includes styles like bold,
underline, etc.
In other usage, you may want to use a format string instead of having
multiple nested functions for different styles. This is where the format
function comes in. You can used named keywords to style a section of text.
The list of arguments are:
- black
- red
- green
- yellow
- blue
- magenta
- cyan
- white
- bold
- dim
- italic
- underline
- invert
For the colors, there are background and bright variants. The background
color variants have a suffix of `Bg` and bright has a prefix of `bright`.
Note that appropriate camel casing has to be applied to them. So bright
blue would be `brightBlue` and background cyan would be `cyanBg`.