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catch(name, cb) > Catches a hook with `name`. Runs the `cb` when it is thrown
throw(name, ...args) > Throws a hook with `name` with the provided `args`

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deregister(name) > Deregisters any command registered with `name`
register(name, cb) > Register a command with `name` that runs `cb` when ran

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cd(dir) > Changes directory to `dir`
mkdir(name, recursive) > Makes a directory called `name`. If `recursive` is true, it will create its parent directories.
readdir(dir) > Returns a table of files in `dir`
stat(path) > Returns info about `path`

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alias(cmd, orig) > Sets an alias of `orig` to `cmd`
appendPath(dir) > Appends `dir` to $PATH
exec(cmd) > Replaces running hilbish with `cmd`
goro(fn) > Puts `fn` in a goroutine
interval(cb, time) > Runs the `cb` function every `time` milliseconds
multiprompt(str) > Changes the continued line prompt to `str`
prompt(str) > Changes the shell prompt to `str`
There are a few verbs that can be used in the prompt text.
These will be formatted and replaced with the appropriate values.
`%d` - Current working directory
`%u` - Name of current user
`%h` - Hostname of device
timeout(cb, time) > Runs the `cb` function after `time` in milliseconds

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cwd() > Returns the current directory of the shell
flag(f) > Checks if the `f` flag has been passed to Hilbish.
run(cmd) > Runs `cmd` in Hilbish's sh interpreter