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package main
import (
rt "github.com/arnodel/golua/runtime"
// #interface os
// OS Info
// The `os` interface provides simple text information properties about
// the current OS on the systen. This mainly includes the name and
// version.
// #field family Family name of the current OS
// #field name Pretty name of the current OS
// #field version Version of the current OS
func hshosLoader(rtm *rt.Runtime) *rt.Table {
info, _ := osinfo.GetOSInfo()
mod := rt.NewTable()
util.SetField(rtm, mod, "family", rt.StringValue(info.Family))
util.SetField(rtm, mod, "name", rt.StringValue(info.Name))
util.SetField(rtm, mod, "version", rt.StringValue(info.Version))
return mod