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// +build darwin linux
package main
import (
func handleSignals() {
c := make(chan os.Signal)
signal.Ignore(syscall.SIGTTOU, syscall.SIGTTIN, syscall.SIGTSTP)
signal.Notify(c, os.Interrupt, syscall.SIGTERM, syscall.SIGWINCH, syscall.SIGUSR1, syscall.SIGUSR2, syscall.SIGQUIT)
for s := range c {
switch s {
case os.Interrupt: hooks.Emit("signal.sigint")
case syscall.SIGTERM: exit(0)
case syscall.SIGWINCH: hooks.Emit("signal.resize")
case syscall.SIGUSR1: hooks.Emit("signal.sigusr1")
case syscall.SIGUSR2: hooks.Emit("signal.sigusr2")